Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What you ought to know about vape mod heat and batteries

When talking about battery lifespan, at times it may feel like you need higher degree to operate our phones or laptops. Research has the word that lithium-ion vape mod batteries are the best in terms of performance. The mod batteries should be stored at temperatures between 15°F and 85°F.
Too hot or too cold batteries can lose their efficiency or even stop functioning altogether. That said your vaping experiences would be ill. Battery specialists say that the major origin of battery glitches is heat. When a battery is heated, it discharges quicker than they usually would. In view of that, you do not want to leave your e cigarette running on a lithium-ion battery on a hot surface or out under the sun. There is a reason you should vape wisely. Preferably, you should cogitate your vape mods as if they were an egg.
Mechanical mod batteries are also influenced by dampness among other adverse weather conditions. A vapor-cig battery spoiled by high temperatures can:
·         Cease functioning
·         Swell
·         Boil
·         Melt
·         spoil your device
·         Smoke
·         Produce sparks
·         Generate flames
·         Enlarge
·         Narrow
·         In very severe circumstances, even burst into flames
What's more, extreme weather conditions may ensue virtually any place and at any moment. Some instances of zones to eschew carrying lithium-ion batteries are in a non-temperature conditioned space, in an enclosed restroom with the shower on, in a locked auto on a sunny day, in a thermal bath or a sauna.
Believe your e-cigarette battery is secure in the frost...think twice. Cold may affect vape mod batteries just like heat. When subjected to chilly temperatures, the inner constituents swell. Visit Grand Vapor Station for professional guidance. There you can easily make an informed choice.
Why does temperature alter an e-cigarette battery?
Ambient temperature variations that happen midst battery electrons change your capacity to vape smoothly. A rise in heat transpires, electrons get electrified, while, a decline in temperature constrains electrons. These responses are natural to electrons in numerous systems. An amalgamation of a quick temperature variation and elevated humidity has the possibility of instigating condensation to develop. This, sequentially, can create a possible danger for your battery, and your vape mod.

The risk of exploding lithium-ion batteries

You want to have a smooth vaping experience. Then take caution. There are some perils of lithium-ion batteries weakness.
In severe cases, fires do not only burn, but also burn very hot or even burst in to flames, though in rare cases.

How this Effects vape mods

With summer just being scorching, now is the time to take stock and keep your vape mods secure. Primarily, you ought to ensure that you do not abandon your e-cigarette in your auto at any time.
Tips on keeping e-cigarette batteries in safe working order include:
·         Only use connectors and chargers specifically made for the battery
·         Do not vape without reading the battery’s instructions
·         Don't leave a charging battery unattended
·         Don't exceed the recommended charging time
·         Only charge in a location with a smoke alarm
·         Don't charge batteries in an unattended vehicle
·         Replace batteries that have been damaged, dropped or overcharged
·         Use replacements made by the original manufacturer
·         Be wary of low-priced, unbranded products
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