Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Guide on how to use a vape mod properly

Have you bought a vape mod or consider acquiring one? Before you use it, you should know how it operates. We will discuss on how to use an e cigarette appropriately and carefully. The majority confuses between a mod and an electronic personal vaporizer (EPV)
The major difference between the two is that an EPV entails a built-in chip, which works as a safety circuit, whilst the mod device has no chip. The chip protects the devices from over-discharging and short-circuiting.
That said there is no much danger with using a vape mod. You can vape comfortably with little worries if you follow some the guidelines we are going to talk about in this article.

Check for resistance and short circuits in the vape mod regularly

A mechanical mod operates even when a short circuit ensues. Frequent checking guarantees the batteries in the atomizer are not strained particularly if they encompass lesser C scores. When using a brand-new atomizer, ensure the resistance is apt prior to fastening it on your vape mod. In case you are using a reconstruct able atomizer, make sure the resistance is high. Batteries are usually strained if the ohms are lower. Take caution when vaping.
Again, test the whole as short does not happen to the atomizer only. A multi-meter is handy in this. Detached the battery using one pin, place the positive terminal of the mechanical mod and the other on the casing. If the meter reads some kind of resistance, it implies that the current is leaking and short is happening at somewhere.
When assessing for resistance, bear in mind that the meter also bear its lead resistance. The less costly the meter, the higher the resistance is.

Avoid vaping when the battery is depleted

When a battery is depleted past its discharge limit, the battery is at a risk of being spoilt or even bursting into flames; commonly referred to as thermal runaway. To be on the harmless side, presume that the battery is empty, cease vaping, detach is from your e cigarette and recharge it as fast as you can.
If you are unsure of the batteries, consider utilizing a multi-meter or ohm reader and test the batteries to conclude how much time is remaining to vape without worries.
With time, the battery gets old and the capacity to hold charge lowers. This is instigated by a buildup of inner resistance.

Eschew piling batteries

Do not attempt stacking your vape mod if you have no idea of what you are doing. Pilling or stacking batteries imply that placing batteries on top of each other is series circuit plan will yield more power. Even if you do not experience full dose when vaping, do not stack the batteries. There are injurious risks when you vape.
Not all vape mods are manufactured to hold additional batteries. If you want an e cigarette with higher battery holding capacity, ask your supplier for one. A box mod is an advanced device that we will talk about in a future article.  Grand Vapor Station provides exceptional models; check them out. 
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