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Vape mods batteries - making a better choice

Swapping from tobacco to vape mods, may be difficult. Choosing one particular brand is even harder. Typically, longstanding vapers transit to e cigarette due to the alleged lower health risks compared with regular ones. Rather than smoke, mechanical mods produce mist. It is emitted after a heating coil roasts the e-juice. This explicates why vapor cigarettes are common among persons who recognize the values of vaping, yet upholding a smoking experience.
There are numerous features to think through whilst shopping for vape mods. Given that batteries power them, the charge holding capacity is one of the main aspects. Electronic cigarette vendors supply three kinds of mod batteries: Mini, Standard, and High-Capacity batteries.

General Outline

Molded like AA or AAA batteries – although tinier and shorter in many instances –e cigarette batteries are factory-made as rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Subject to the model of battery, the size can be somewhere from 200 mAh to a great capacity 1500 mAh. To recharge the mod, makers incorporate a USB cable; it can fully charge a mod battery within an hour. Irrespective of the model of battery, builders estimate the quantity of lifespan charges to be about 300. Varying on the company, mechanical mods batteries are accessible in a range of shades and polishes, comprising black, red, orange, and shiny steel, and normally encompass a control switch to guard them or turn them on or off.

Mini vape mods battery

These are the cheapest of the three categories. With a score that may be as little as 1oo mAh, you are likely to vape anywhere from 150 and 250 puffs prior to needing a recharge. Thus, depending on the average lifespan charging, vapers can obtain approximately between 40,000 and 43,750 wisps. The vape mod batteries are seamless for individuals who do not require or need a comparatively pricey battery. Again, due to their moderately trivial charging period that is typically around two hours, they are perfect for vapers on the move. Grand Vapor Station has these and more other mod batteries. Check them out to find which one suits you best.

Standard e cigarette battery

These batteries accomplish that medium arena for vapers, with a practically flawless scaling of price and expediency. Entailing a greater volume than mini batteries, they typically entail a score greater than 300 mAh. Consequently, vapers may vape from 200 and 250 puffs of the e cigarette with standard batteries. The estimated vaping lifetime is rated at around 50000 and 62500 puffs. Standard vape mods batteries typically delay to charge compared to Mini mods batteries. It may take up to three hours.

High capacity e cigarette battery

Majority of the avid vapers take pride in the capability to vape a great deal of puffs as from their vape mods. In addition, they do not shy from forking dollars to accomplish that vaping experience. Therefore, high capacity battery manages to be the most well liked type of mod battery everywhere. The electrical charge score is very high, hence, it encompass a longer period to recharge. A vape mod comprising of a High Capacity battery can deliver up to 400 puffs. Thus, the lifetime of the battery is evaluated at 87500 puffs. To make purchases of any of the above vape mod battery, make an order at

Vape mods– health & ecological study

Vaping specialists elucidate research, which study the health and environmental features of vape mods. E cigarettes, have recently taken the globe by storm. In the last decade, trades for the vape supplies have doubled over, triplicated, and then some.
Albeit mechanical mods are gaining fame each day, they just have not been the topic of comprehensive study. Tobacco cigarettes alternatively have been investigated expansively. A fast exploration will generate numerous studies scrutinizing the health, ecological, and social impacts of smoking.

Vape mods however have not been investigated, as comprehensively, principally owing to the point they are so fresh, at in any case comparatively talking. Nevertheless, some analyses have been performed to study electronic cigarettes in various ways – as time elapses and e smoking technology progresses, more findings will offer a finer picture of the impacts of e cigarettes.
Read along to learn more regarding vape mod reports, both positive and negative, Grand Vapor Station scientists have discovered.
Mechanical mod medical research – comprehending impacts and matching them to ordinary cigarettes
Several studies investigate the medical impacts, dangers, and/or advantages of vaping, and are embarked on through a various institutes varying from organizations to institutions of higher education and industry- funded study.

Heights of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes

Given that they are advertised as a securer substitute to ordinary smoking, some investigations have strived to unearth the real chemical constitution of vape mods. In one study, scientists examined 12 distinct models for the existence of four sets of poisons and cancer causing agents carbonyls, nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals. The 12 brands of e cigarettes were likened to a curative nicotine bronchodilator. Although when vaping there were no toxins produced, the amount of poisons were somewhere from 10 to 400 times lesser than in tobacco smoke

Acute effects of e cigarettes

Some other scientists have investigated the immediate impacts when you vape. Factually, numerous investigations observing the acute impacts effects of ordinary cigarettes have been printed over the years.
Nevertheless, what ensues when you vape the nicotine- filled vapor from a vape mod?
One research in Virginia Commonwealth University studied four factors – carbon monoxide concentration, plasma nicotine intensity, heart rate, and one-sided impacts of the vaper. Smokers had higher quantities of carbon monoxide, plasma nicotine, and a faster heart rate. The vapers did not record any rise in heart rate or concentration. They did nevertheless curb tobacco self-restraint rankings.
One more research by the University of Athens studied the acute outcomes of vape mods on the lungs. Contestants were requested to vape for 20 minutes after which an examination assessing air passage opposition was dispensed. They discovered that vaping caused an immediate rise in air passage resistance, which prolonged for 10 minutes in many vaper.

Impacts on the heart & lungs

This is another area where vape mods have been scrutinized methodically. Tobacco cigarettes encompass demoralizing effects on these essential organs. Dr. Konstantin’s Farsalinos from Greece studied the comparison of how the heart responds to smoking, and how it reacts to mod smoking. The cigarette smokers' heart frequency and blood pressure rose steeply whilst the vapers’ simply encountered a trivial rise in blood pressure, and barely any surge in heart rate.
Read more on the vape mod impacts at for a better choice making in future. The information you learn can also be helpful to your loved ones and con

Guide on how to use a vape mod properly

Have you bought a vape mod or consider acquiring one? Before you use it, you should know how it operates. We will discuss on how to use an e cigarette appropriately and carefully. The majority confuses between a mod and an electronic personal vaporizer (EPV)
The major difference between the two is that an EPV entails a built-in chip, which works as a safety circuit, whilst the mod device has no chip. The chip protects the devices from over-discharging and short-circuiting.
That said there is no much danger with using a vape mod. You can vape comfortably with little worries if you follow some the guidelines we are going to talk about in this article.

Check for resistance and short circuits in the vape mod regularly

A mechanical mod operates even when a short circuit ensues. Frequent checking guarantees the batteries in the atomizer are not strained particularly if they encompass lesser C scores. When using a brand-new atomizer, ensure the resistance is apt prior to fastening it on your vape mod. In case you are using a reconstruct able atomizer, make sure the resistance is high. Batteries are usually strained if the ohms are lower. Take caution when vaping.
Again, test the whole as short does not happen to the atomizer only. A multi-meter is handy in this. Detached the battery using one pin, place the positive terminal of the mechanical mod and the other on the casing. If the meter reads some kind of resistance, it implies that the current is leaking and short is happening at somewhere.
When assessing for resistance, bear in mind that the meter also bear its lead resistance. The less costly the meter, the higher the resistance is.

Avoid vaping when the battery is depleted

When a battery is depleted past its discharge limit, the battery is at a risk of being spoilt or even bursting into flames; commonly referred to as thermal runaway. To be on the harmless side, presume that the battery is empty, cease vaping, detach is from your e cigarette and recharge it as fast as you can.
If you are unsure of the batteries, consider utilizing a multi-meter or ohm reader and test the batteries to conclude how much time is remaining to vape without worries.
With time, the battery gets old and the capacity to hold charge lowers. This is instigated by a buildup of inner resistance.

Eschew piling batteries

Do not attempt stacking your vape mod if you have no idea of what you are doing. Pilling or stacking batteries imply that placing batteries on top of each other is series circuit plan will yield more power. Even if you do not experience full dose when vaping, do not stack the batteries. There are injurious risks when you vape.
Not all vape mods are manufactured to hold additional batteries. If you want an e cigarette with higher battery holding capacity, ask your supplier for one. A box mod is an advanced device that we will talk about in a future article.  Grand Vapor Station provides exceptional models; check them out. 
Visit for more information on how to use your vape mod safely.

The lifecycle and cost breakdown of a vape mod

Some of the questions people ask regarding vape mods are such as how long does a battery last? How long should an atomizer last? How many days do one packet of e cigarettes last? What is the cost of mechanical mods? What is a box mod? This piece of information outlines these queries, and pursues to inform people who vape about the expectancies in vaping.
Vape mods provide users with the liberty to pick from several smoking levels. This implies that a person’s nicotine intake may incur distinct prices and life expectancy contrasted to another. This study is not comprehensive, but is intended to provide understanding to the typical vaper.

How long should a vape mod battery last?

This is the initial question new vape mod users ask when making purchases of a beginner kit. Other vapers need to know the frequency at which they should recharge their batteries.
The regular size lithium-ion battery operates many e cigarettes, comprising ones from Grand Vapor Station. The battery encompasses more life compared to the one-use batteries of preceding generations and can be recharged when compulsory. The battery lasts for months and only replaced when it wears out. The size of e cigarette battery limits how long your mod will hold charge. Varying on how regularly you vape, you can pick you level from the following choices:
• Mini that lasts up to 175 puffs
• Standard, which lasts up to 250 puffs
• High-Capacity, which lasts up to 350 puffs
If your vaping habit is elevated, you will need to recharge the battery frequently— around after every two hours; while, if you are a standard vaper, your battery shout last longer— about four to eight hours. It is advisable to own at least two batteries. The majority requires two batteries to power their vape mods throughout the day.
How long should a vape mod atomizer last?
Typically, the atomizer requires replacement before the cartridge. A tiny metallic coil in the atomizer roasts the nicotine liquid, producing nicotine-imbued vapor, which passes through the mouthpiece into the vaper’s lungs.
The metal coils may get very dry and burn break down. This calls for, a novel cartomizer wholly. Most Cartomizers last for a year, but usually they last for approximately one month or two of vaping. Moreover, the larger ration is subject to the model and regularity of usage. The cartomizer starts to nose-dive as it drops its efficiency to vaporize the nicotine- juice, causing production of savor, which is not thick like that from a full functional vape mod.

How long should a pack of vape mods last?

One reusable vape mod is the equal to a packet of tobacco cigarettes. If you use five pack of traditional cigarettes in one week, you will only need to vape five e cigarettes. If you consume 300 cigarettes in a week, probably 15 vape mods will take you through the week.
In case you use throwaway vape mods, then that is the equivalent of two packs of traditional cigarettes. Visit our website at for exclusive offers as well as guidance regarding the best devices for you.

How vape mods work

Read through to gain the ABCs of how a vape mod delivers similar outcomes of a tobacco cigarette devoid of numerous ill effects. Whilst they are still comparatively novel, e-cigarettes are in reality very straightforward. When compared to a computer            or a smartphone technology, electronic cigarettes are not sophisticated like the coffee maker.

Mods do require a little more energy than –just puffing on the mouthpiece. Nevertheless, one does not necessarily light them, and they do not any cleaning of any kind. As you vape, the LED light at the tip of the vape mod will flush, you will have a vapor-like experience, and then puff out naturally. The only variance with an ordinary cigarette is the height of expediency and pureness of the constituents.

Regardless of provisions and maintenance, electronic cigarettes are eventually very easy, and simple to use. E-cigarettes operate by conjoining recent technology with an uncomplicated function: to offer vapers a tobacco-like feeling from beginning to end, devoid of any of the adverse components or results.

Whereas vapor smokers obtain the nicotine shot they desire, and the entire feel of smoking, they are not any longer subjected to smoke, tobacco, tar, and carcinogens as they vape. A fundamental knowledge of vape mods divisions will guide you precisely how they function and how this tobacco-like feeling is delivered to a rising figure of grownups throughout the globe.

Functioning of a vape mod

At Grand Vapor Station vape mods are referred to as 2-piece. They comprise of an exceedingly superior battery part, and a disposable cartridge. Both units perform numerous purposes, and encompass a number of other systems, which work together to produce a feeling similar to that of a tobacco cigarette, and just as enjoyable.

The mechanical mod battery is the key part. It performs so much more than simply supply power. Lithium ion batteries are deemed the sturdiest and greatest performance when it comes to vape mods. Inside the aluminum battery casing is an operative chip, and an exterior LED light.

The cartridge performs hand in hand with the battery. Comprised in every e-cigarette cartridge is an atomizer as well as e-juice. Cartridges are attached to the battery, at the tip of the mouth-unit. When vaping, the sensor signals to smart chip to trigger, and relay a charge to the atomizer inside the cartridge. The atomizer to instigates, producing heat, and starting the vaporization process of the nicotine juice.

The vaping procedure, sequentially, triggers the light on the vape mod’s other side to glow when you vape or breathe in, just like a traditional cigarette.

Setting up your vape mods
Once you acquire your e-cig beginner kit, you might observe that your mod battery may entail some charge. Notwithstanding, we intensely recommend you change your mod batteries to greatest capacity before you vape to guarantee extraordinary vaping experience. 

Charging mod batteries is easy – you only need to bolt the battery onto the USB charger, and then plug it into the USB host on your pc/ computer, or use the Portable Wall Charger. It is a very simple process; you can do it on your own. Should you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate contacting us at