Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Actions you can take to prolong vape mods batteries lifespan

Whereas lithium-ion batteries – like the ones we use in our vape mods beginner kits – maintain charge longer and on can recharge them, they still complete their lifespan and call for spare. In addition, whilst it is not exorbitantly costly to change an e-cigarette battery, expenses may tot up.
Fortuitously there are tips you can follow to ensure you obtain the greatest of life from your mechanical mod. Prior to illustrating the chief hints you can consider to make sure you vaping experience is spotless, we need to point highlight diverse vape mod battery brands here at Grand Vapor Station and state the number of puffs you can anticipate to vape. The models include:

·         Mini – lasts up to 200 puffs
·         Standard – lasts up to 300 puffs
·         High-Capacity – lasts up to 400 puffs
Lithium-ion batteries can last for a long time before they are completely wear out. At large, anticipate obtaining not less than 250 charges of every mod battery. There exist mod batteries, which lasts approximately 45o charges. That said with proper maintenance, you could boost the probabilities of your battery surviving longer.  
Proceed to read the following tips, beside some additional concerns detailed to automatic or even manual box mods.

Use your vape mod frequently

You should vape regularly since the mods are crafted for the purpose. E-cigarette batteries also gain from frequent use. The more they function, the simpler current will run through the battery’s cells. The lithium-ion batteries that run mechanical mods in are designed for vaping every day.

Take caution whilst storing your e cigarette

This may appear like reasoning, but occasionally people are forgetful and do not reflect maybe something may be destroying their box mod. Concerning mechanical mods, exposure to sunlight or heat can intensely alter their lifetime. Moreover, we all realize that electricity and water never blend, hence protect your mod from moisture. You ought to be watchful of any effects, and keep your mod from falling off as much as possible.  

Replace your e-cigarette battery before charge is depleted

The vaping community is cautious as they vape. Vape mods are electric gadgets unlike tobacco cigarettes. That said several vapers maintain an alternation of batteries for their e-cigarette. Recharging the battery until it is much drained reduces its lifespan. Superlatively, you ought to recharge the mods battery when is halfway discharged.

You can match your box mod to a progression – it is very simple for a train moving slowly to accelerate compare to a motionless train to begin moving initially. Similarly, it is simpler to recharge to a battery with some charge in it.  

Avoid keeping your vape mod bearing less than 50% Charge

In future, keep you vape mods fully charged for the best vape experience. Keeping them with lesser than 50-percentage charge, will make them to drain quicker. Alike to entirely draining your electronic cigarette battery prior to recharging, it will have to go an extra mile to convey the power you require for vaping. For these and additional tips on how you should take care of your vape mods and their supplies look at our website http://www.grandvaporstation.com/ today.

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